The private market has historically outperformed public ones for a single, simple reason. Private markets are just that — private. Because they’re private, these markets are inefficient and full of opportunity. Efficiency in financial markets is impacted by many factors, but highlighting just a few main ones is sufficient to bring out the difference between...
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Investors have long used diversification as a risk mitigation strategy, but it’s been only recently that individual investors have been able to diversify as much as institutions and family offices historically have. Advancements in financial technology now give individuals the same access to alternative investments that institutions and family offices have held in their portfolios...
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At Marcus Investments, we’re a group of like-minded investors who seek out promising private market opportunities that build wealth and generate passive income. To join us, complete the brief three-step registration process. Register as an Accredited Investor Because we’re a private firm that’s required by Section 301(c) of the Securities Act to work with accredited...
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