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At Marcus Investments, we’re a group of like-minded investors who seek out promising private market opportunities that build wealth and generate passive income. To join us, complete the brief three-step registration process.

Register as an Accredited Investor
Because we’re a private firm that’s required by Section 301(c) of the Securities Act to work with accredited investors, we aren’t able to offer an instant sign-up process. We do, however, keep registration as short and simple as possible.
We need some basic information before we’re able to approve registrants:

  • name, email and preferred password (first screen)
  • contact information and whether you’re an accredited investor (second screen)
  • preferred investments, including location, asset class, holding period, etc. (final screen)

We’ll personally review your information once its submitted. Assuming we’re able to approve the registration, you’ll receive an email shortly.


Participate in a Private Investment Firm
After our account is set up, you’ll have full access to our online investment portal that lets you:

  • review active offers that the firm is considering
  • submit offers on investments that you like
  • access your personal investment dashboard
  • view documents related to your investments

We’ll also be sure to keep you abreast of all that the group is doing, including updating you periodically on new opportunities and holding investor meetings.


Join Marcus Investments
To join our group at Marcus Investments, register today. Investment opportunities await, and we’re currently accepting investors who want to generate wealth through private-market, passive-income investments.

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